Mark Allison

Director and Lead Financial Planner

Mark is a Certified Financial Planner who has worked with clients in Christchurch and Canterbury for more than 25 years.

He started Progressive Financial Planning with the aim of helping people to de-mystify their money. His approach is to give straight-to-the-point advice, backed by research, and support this with client education.

You won’t find a more black-and-white financial advisor than Mark. He believes strongly in giving clients clear information about their options and ensures they have all the facts they need to make sound decisions. A big part of Mark’s role is also equipping people with the knowledge and skills to take charge of their own financial planning over time.

With a strong emphasis on relationship-building, Mark gets to know his clients well. He builds a full picture of each client’s current situation, motivations and goals, before providing recommendations. He says that truly tailored advice can only come from putting the client first. 

People work hard for their money and Mark’s primary goal is to make people’s money work hard for them in return.

Mark has a Diploma in Business Studies, with an endorsement in Personal Financial Planning, from Massey University. He is also a Certified Financial Planner.


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What We Offer:

  • Experienced local experts

Our trusted team has been providing financial advice in Christchurch and Canterbury for more than 25 years. We build strong relationships with our clients and support them to make the best financial decisions at every stage of their lives.

We’re completely upfront, with no hidden agendas. If you have a good investment, we will tell you. If you have a bad investment, we will tell you. There are no grey areas. Our advice is based on the latest research and we’re completely independent, ensuring you receive an un-biased opinion before making those all-important financial decisions.


  • Making your money work best for you

At Progressive Financial Planning, our financial advisors always have you top of mind. We listen carefully to build a clear picture of your financial situation and what you’d like to achieve. We then make a plan to get you there.

Our goal is to have your money performing at its best all the time. We regularly review your investments, report how they are performing and research new products in the market to consider if any might work better for you.

We are team players and can collaborate with your other advisors, such as your lawyer, accountant and trust specialist.


  • Transparent service

We provide research-based financial advice and help you find and implement the best solutions. We’re not a finance company and we don’t make commissions from selling financial products to clients.  

Our fees are based solely on providing our expert knowledge, advice and service to you the client, based on your needs. Our primary disclosure document is available on request.


"Mark’s vast experience in dealing with clients who know very little about the world of finance and investments became evident, and he was able to educate us using suitable terminology, enabling us to understand and make appropriate choices.

Midge and Stuart Holding

"Mark is very effective in clearly explaining financial aspects which we find complex, and he makes excellent use of freehand graphs to illustrate points, trends and financial investment relationships." 

Geoff and Lorraine Scholes.

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